Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use QareebiDukan's service rather than the 100s of other onlinedelivery marts that provide similar services and have way bigger marketing budgets!
QareebiDukan is your local seller's online portal. It might not be as flashy as all the online marts, but it helps your local small businesses thrive, and helps their owners to remain free from the clutches of a boring job at a large in-humane corporate. Also, the local business has already brought your grocery to your area - why burden the earth with another delivery ride from the faraway warehouse of the large online mart, when you can get it locally?

When you don't charge buyers for delivery and your rates are as offered by the seller, how does QareebiDukan make money?
We strongly beleive online trading should be free. We don't make money of our beloved buyers and sellers. We just facilitate them by avoiding hassle of travelling for lil necessities of life. That saves the planet from unnecessary usage of resources on long delivery rides. We hope to make money from ad platforms, and from value added services such as marketing services for our sellers.

What is the range of products &/or what type of sellers can register at QareebiDukan?
All ethical products are available on QareebiDukan. Any type of wholesale and retail sellers can register for free at QareebiDukan. We don't charge anything for signup nor per order. Our motto for costs: Zero. Zilch. Nothingness!

What payment modes are supported by QareebiDukan?
QareebiDukan simply doesn't charge any money, so we offer no payment options :) Majority of our sellers however are currently offering cash on delivery (with no extra charges!). After all, isn't that the best?

Ok, once I place an order how long before I get it?
Usually, before the blink of an eye. Of course, unless you're and alien who's not watching a screen, then you'd be blinking faster than the seller can bring it to you. Blink :). Our sellers commit for delivery within 59 minutes, cuz that's what they're there for - they wanna sell, and you wanna buy, right? Blink once more pls, it refreshes your eyes :)

Bonus Question: Why did you change your name from VRMerchants to QareebiDukan?
Well, V R still all Merchants :). Our customers were having a hard time remembering our name - so we listened to them, and changed the name to an easier one to remember.

Finally! We're done with the FAQ - happy shopping! Any more questions, feel free to email us at Since you're already here, take a peek at our Privacy policy cuz we'd love to let you know that we care about your privacy! Don't worry, we requested our legal guys to keep it friendly, and keep the legal jargon to the least! So here's our privacy policy

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